Functional Support


CellActive® -MEN

High Performance Male Skin
Accelerated healing of micro shaving cuts (in-vitro study)
Increased cell resistance to extreme conditions; cold shock and heat stress (in-vitro study)
Powerful skin moisturising with longlasting effect (in-vivo study)

CellActive® -FORM

Firming & Forming
Improved skin elasticity in the cleavage area, firms the breast and smoothes its surface (in-vivo study)
Increased breast volume accentuates femininity and lends fullness to the cleavage (in-vivo study)

Fossil Peeling® Powder

Powerful Peeling
Fossil Peeling Powder® is a natural peeling powder made from diatomaceous earth, a sediment millions of years old formed from the protective shells of diatoms, a type of algae. It offers an excellent peeling performance, protects the skin tha...