Intelligent Skin Protection
Effective cell and DNA protection during solar irradiation (in-vitro study)
Stem cell protection (in-vitro study)
Rapid regeneration of UV-related cell and DNA damage (in-vitro erythema study)


An Oasis of Wellbeing for Desert-like Skin
BRONZE MEDAL FOR MYRAMAZE® at the awards show of the BSB European Innovation Prize Awards for Cosmetics and Raw Materials 2014

Extract from the South African resurrection plant Myrotha...


6 Years younger in 4 Weeks
A new Source of Strength to Rebalance the Signs of Time
Activates the Proteasome (in-vitro study)
Improves Stress Resistance (in-vitro study)
Slows down cellular Skin Ageing (in-vitro study).
Improves Skin Hy...


Powerful Antioxidant
Radicare ® is a powerful antioxidant which inhibits the development of free radicals and actively  combats those which already exist. The skin is uniquely protected against harmful environmental influences and supporting the skin&lsq...


7 Steps to Restore Mature Skin
REFORCYL® helps regenerate the perturbed barrier of mature skin and provides nutrition and new resistance.  An ideal ingredient to combat crows feet and strengthen the skin barrier of mature skin. REFORCYL® contains jia...