Moisture & Care for Skin & Hair
Deeply effective and long-lasting improvement in skin hydration (in-vivo study)
Better hydration effect than glycerin or hyaluronic acid (in-vivo study)
Hair repair effect: improvement in hai...

CellActive® -HYDRO

The Apple-fresh Moisturiser.
12 hour long-term moisture effect (in-vivo study)
Reduced appearance of scaly skin (in-vivo study)
Strengthening of skin tissue (in-vivo study)

INCI Name: Glycer...


Phyto-milk for Moisture & Care Reduces skin lipid removal when washing and promotes re-lipidation after washing (in-vivo study)
Accelerates the regeneration of the skin barrier (in-vivo study)
Protects against dehydration and reduces ...


Moisture & Energy
Immediate improvement in skin moisture level of up to + 38% after 1 hour (in-vivo study)
Long-term improvement in skin moisture level of up to 14% after 28 days (in-vivo study)

Inci Name

Hydractin® -LMF

Hydrate the Time away with Lichen, Moss & Fern    
The novel active ingredient Hydractin ®-LMF, a symbiotic combination of three forest plants, is an anti-ageing moisturiser. The lichen Cetraria islandica (Iceland moss), the moss Sphag...